YouTube Refines Video Editor, Video Manager & Browse Page

YouTube Refines Video Editor, Video Manager & Browse Page

YouTube updated some of its features yesterday as revealed on its blog post. For casual viewers, the revamped Browse page now enables users to subscribe to YouTube channels directly. The new floor plan also provides access to more video categories. Besides the minor adjustments in cosmetics, that's about it from the online video sharing site. However, changes made to its Video Editor and Video Manager applications were more substantial. 

For instance, Video Editor has been augmented with new features since its introduction in June 2010. With the latest update, YouTube has added a moving playhead, a new timeline, plus enhanced clip-trimming if you will. The screen-grab above is an example of how the new Video Editor ought to look like after the rollout. Content creators should keep in mind that it isn't a full-fledged video editing software like Corel VideoStudio Pro or Adobe Premiere, but they'll do the job for basic editing on the fly.

After collating user feedback in December last year, YouTube has decided to make Video Manager more user-friendly as well. Apart from the obvious visual update, users can also track their search history, including an improved layout of scheduled uploads and claimed videos. Based on popular demand, YouTube has reinstated the "likes" and "dislikes" stats, and also making its return is the ability to sort videos by their popularity.  

According to YouTube's blog post, these changes will be rolled out over the next few days. Stay tuned.

Source: YouTube via The Verge

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