YouTube to End IE6 Support on Mar 13

YouTube to End IE6 Support on Mar 13

We all know that Internet Explorer 6 has numerous flaws that make it a favorite target of online hacks. This is why Google wants to end support for this browser on its major websites. After previously announcing such a move, the company has now set a date for this.

Ars Technica - Over six months ago, Google announced it would start phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6 on Orkut and YouTube, and started pushing its users to modern browsers. The search giant has now given a specific kill date for old browser support on the video website via a page on titled Solve a Problem: Upgrading your browser:

Support stops on March 13th. Stopped support essentially means that some future features on YouTube will be rolled out that won't work in older browsers.

If you haven't upgraded to a newer browser, you should seriously consider doing so now, and not just because you may be losing some features on YouTube. Click here for the full story.

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