Yahoo Sells Delicious

Yahoo Sells Delicious

Delicious users can heave a sigh of relief. The neglected Yahoo property has been sold off to YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen:

Today YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen announced they have acquired the Delicious technology from Yahoo!. They plan to continue the service that users have come to know and love and make the site even easier and more fun to save, share and discover the web’s “tastiest” content.

Providing a smooth transition for users is important to both companies. There will be a transition period where users can elect to sign up for a new account. Users’ public and private bookmarks will be maintained through the transition period and transferred as they are today when it is complete.

Yahoo previously had Delicious users worried when it was leaked that the site was in a list of 'sunset' products. Delicious' founder Joshua Schachter had previously left Yahoo in 2008, amidst a high-level exodus which included the then search division senior VP Brad Garlinghouse, Flickr founders Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake. Schachter has since said that "I wish I had not sold it to them. The cash and freedom do not even come close; I would rather work on a big, popular product."

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