Yahoo to Focus on Personalized Web Content

Yahoo to Focus on Personalized Web Content


At the recent Digital Life Design conference on Monday, Yahoo's new COO Henrique De Castro gave a glimpse of what to expect from Yahoo in the future. According to All Things D, De Castro mentioned that the lack of personalization and technology is causing portals like Yahoo to lose traffic.  

“The winners, are the ones who will aggregate premium quality content at scale, and distribute it in a personalized way. Once you do that, and the content is personalized and relevant, then you can do the same for different platforms. It’s not so much desktop versus mobile, it’s what is the future of the portal on the web?”

Since it's only his second week on the job, he didn't exactly get into specifics on what Yahoo's next step would be. However, what's rather obvious is his emphasis on content personalization. Yahoo's current portal is already a mix of aggregated external content, and internal content. However the news isn't arranged or presented in a manner that's specified by the user in any way. 

All Things D writer Mike Isaac feels that to take for Yahoo to take it a step further, they would need to "do a far better job of personalization - through individual user profile upgrades, incorporation of more social content into users’ media diet and the like."

Source: All Things D

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