XpanD To Introduce Universal 3D Glasses

XpanD To Introduce Universal 3D Glasses

While 3D televisions have undoubtedly caused quite a stir in the AV realm, manufacturers are also keenly aware of nagging interoperability issues surrounding 3D glasses. For example, those from Panasonic won't necessarily work with a Samsung set, so on and so forth. To put things right, and till a decent standard rolls around, XpanD is hoping unify 3D TVs with a universal pair, touted to work across a wide range of  brands and models by automatically syncing with the relevant 3D panel.

The Wall Street Journal - If you've zeroed in on the perfect 3-D television for your living room, what about the glasses? Currently, the choice of which 3-D specs to wear is dictated by the manufacturer, as the glasses are tied to a single brand of TV and can't be used on others. But as early as this month, next-generation 3-D glasses will be hitting stores. The new specs are designed to work with any TV or computer monitor capable of playing movies or shows in 3-D. Manufacturers hope the new universal glasses, which will cost more than $100 each, will help expand the niche 3-D market.

XpanD is hoping to entice consumers with a US$129 price tag, set marginally below an average price of US$150 for a conventional pair of active-shutter glasses. However, we can't be sure if it would ever reach the East. Hit this link if you'd like to find out more about XpanD's new offering.

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