Xoom Successor and Four New Phones Leaked

Xoom successor and four new phones leaked

It is tough keeping new gadgets secret from the public, doesn't it? In what many will call a honest mistake, Motorola accidentally revealed images of the successor of the Xoom tablet, four new mobile phones and a watch-phone. Apparently, Motorola was redesigning the website and unknowingly revealed these devices. Eagle-eyed staff from pocketnow managed to take screenshots of the various devices on the site.

pocketnow - Besides a follow-up to the Xoom, it seems that Moto's working on a pair of thin-looking Android handsets referred as Slimline and Zaha, along with a watchphone, of all things, called Tracy XL.

These images have since been removed from the website. It is interesting to take a peek at the outline of Motorola's road map for 2011 and we are definitely keeping a close eye on Motorola's activities in the coming months.

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