Xigmatek Releases Pure White Edition Classic Chassis

Xigmatek Pure White Edition on Classic Chassis

Midgard White Knight”-What is your part in the game between good and evil? Find it out with the world’s first fully white coated chassis. Combined design and features such as white coated SECC and steel mesh are spotlighting your chassis when your system is built. Furthermore this chassis is supplied with 2 x 120mm pre installed fans (orange blade and black, transparent housings), but another 5 fans can be mounted in different areas for best possible airflow. 5 x 5.25” bays will be able to house all your optical drives, but also 5 trays for your 3.5” and 2.5” HDDs are available so you can feel free by "DIY". Tool free design and a „gorgeous” outlook are only a few points why this chassis is a "must" not only for enthusiast but also for pc beginners.


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