Wrapsol Introduces New Protective Skins for iPhone 4

Wrapsol Introduces New Protective Skins for iPhone 4

Following the inaugural introduction of original Wrapsol for iPad by one of Asia’s top info- technology distributors - Version 2 Limited, protection skin maker Wrapsol launches Ultra, the latest addition to its worldwide sensational adhesive protectors which promise to keep digital devices safe from scratches, as well as a unique drop protection of up to 1.8 meters.

Twice the strength of competitor films, Wrapsol is made from polyurethane – a material found in bulletproof glass – and commonly used on F1 car bodies and aircraft ‘nose’ radomes. The enhanced quality in the Ultra series is attributed to the discovery of a new compound found while testing with different manufacturing processes for the adhesive layer of the original Wrapsol. By utilising this new compound, experts at Wrapsol facility developed a new innovative drop + scratch protection system – the Wrapsol Ultra which offers an increased flexibility yet retaining its original properties like clarity, durability and thinness.

Akin to the original Wrapsol, Ultra comes cut precisely to the curves, buttons, slots and ports for a perfect, contour hugging fit that includes corner, side and slide out protection while preserving the original designs of the devices. It also provides more coverage around the bezel of digital devices, thus adding additional impact resistance.

Tests conducted by dropping a digital device protected by Wrapsol Ultra in excess of 50 times and dragging behind a truck at 55 kilometres per hour on rough concrete floor show no visible scratches, dents, or cracks in the screen. Click here for videos.

In addition, Wrapsol Ultra uses a new application process that dries up to 87 percent faster than the original Wrapsol, and the repositionable film releases air bubbles effortlessly, for a smoother application. Lifetime warranty will be provided for every purchase.

Wrapsol Ultra for iPhone 4 (RRP: S$39.90) and Original Wrapsol for iPad (RRP: S$49.90) are currently available at Free 24-hour courier delivery is included.

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