WP8 Platform to Get Instagram By End of 2012?

WP8 Platform to Get Instagram By End of 2012?

Instagram used to be exclusive to the iOS platform until the popular photo sharing app decided to make its way to the Android devices. Now, The Verge claims that it will be heading to Microsoft's latest Windows Phone operating system. 

As we all know, the WP8-powered Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 were announced last week with with the promise "of new exclusive app titles for all of its Lumia devices". One of the reasons why Instagram will reportedly be headed to Windows Phone 8 lies with a slight overlook in its marketing materials (one less controversial than this Nokia Lumia 920 promo video fiasco):

The Verge - "The company also posted a promotional video that includes an accidental look at Instagram for Windows Phone. In it, you see the app running as a live tile with comment and like information from Instagram."

Nonetheless, The Verge later mentioned that this particular app seen during the video might have been Vimeo instead but that they have "confirmed separately that Instagram is coming to Windows Phone", most likely before the end of 2012.

Source: The Verge via BGR

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