Work on Metro Mozilla for Windows 8 Begins

Work on Metro Mozilla for Windows 8 Begins

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been out for quite some time. And as the end users get a taste of what to expect from the next Microsoft operating system, developers are also getting a move along. Intended as a proof of concept, this build of Windows 8 can almost be considered the final version.

Taking that into account, Mozilla developer Brian Bondy has posted on his personal blog that work on Firefox for Windows 8 has started. The decision to port the popular web browser to the new OS had been outlined in Mozilla's 2012 roadmap previously. Firefox for Metro will be built against Windows Runtime C++ Template Library and will use XAML for the user interface.

Besides furnishing details on the technical challenges which have to be surmounted by the team, Brian Bondy also lists out a series of landmarks that the developers intend on hitting in the coming weeks and months. A trial version of an application that can run in the Metro environment has already been assembled by Mozilla, so work should progress at a nice speed. 

The battle of the web browsers is intense and every small advantage counts. Mozilla seems to have gotten a headstart for capitalizing on Windows 8 which will be run across platforms. How other web browsers respond remains to be seen.

Source: Brain Bondy via Arstechnica

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