Windows Store Beta Launching in February 2012

Windows Store Beta Launching in February 2012

With Windows Phones hitting the shelves, Microsoft unveiled its next step for the mobile market. At an event in San Francisco, they gave a preview of the new Windows Store for applications and stated that the beta version of the platform will be accessible in February 2012.


Identifying easy location of desired apps as a key feature, the team at Microsoft has chosen to use the interface to accomplish this. As seen in the picture, different apps will get spotlighted and other genres, such as games, will be prominently displayed in the tile format. The app catalog will also be indexed on Microsoft's Bing search engine, with the search results leading directly to the app's webpage.

Developers' needs have also been taken into consideration with the provision of different business models in order to maximize benefits for both sides. One of the additions that is sure to delight enterprises is the availability of in-app transactions. Another handy feature is the ability to use third party payment services such as PayPal as well.

The Windows Store launch is going to coincide with the introduction of Windows 8 beta. An online store or platform is essential if you intend on making your mobile OS competitive. The Windows Store is very late to the party compared to the Apple Store and the Android Marketplace. But if it is capable of making itself lucrative to developers, there is no reason why the platform won't be able to catch up with its competitors.

Source: Windows Blog via PC Mag

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