Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 50,000 Submissions for Apps

Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 50,000 Submissions for Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace seems to be chugging along just fine - having crossed the 40,000 app submission just a month before, the platform now has another milestone to add to its belt of achievements.

Engadget - According to analyses done by All About Windows Phone, the Taj Mahal of tiles has seen developers submit just over 50,000 applications for review -- 42,655 of which are currently available in the United States. What may be more telling is the rate at which developers are submitting their wares. Over 17,000 apps have been submitted to the Marketplace in the last 90-days from over 13,000 different publishers (an average of 265 per day).

These numbers might be small compared to the likes of the iOS App Store and the Google Marketplace but these numbers indicate that they are soon closing in on BlackBerry's own figures of over 50,000 existing apps in its own App World. Chiefly, it is important to note that it took just over a year for them to reach the 40,000-app mark, and merely another 40 days to reach 50,000. Things are looking good for the relatively infantile mobile platform.

Source: All About Windows Phone via Engadget

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