Is the Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Happening Next Week?

Is the Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Happening Next Week?

Looks like the Windows Phone 7 Mango update is coming along just fine, based on what Windows Phone Dev Podcast has mentioned.

Back in July, Microsoft signed off on the release to manufacturer (RTM) build, an indication that the Mango update is not too far off. While the company hasn't given a specific date for its Mango update, the most likely release date would be sometime in Q4 2011.

According to the Windows Phone Dev Podcast, "next week is going to be a big week for Windows Phone. We have been told by various sources that Mango will be dropping and the final tools will be dropping for developers, so that would be interesting and something to look forward to".

New devices preloaded with the Mango update have been announced, one of which is the HTC Radar that will be available in Singapore from October 2011 at S$569.

So the biggest question is: when will we see the first Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia? Given the current timeline, we should be keeping our eyes on Nokia World 2011, to be held in London from 26th to 27th October.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Podcast via PocketNow

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