Windows Live Essentials Public Beta Now Available

Windows Live Essentials Public Beta Now Available

Windows Live Essentials Public Beta Now Available

Free software and services for photos, movies, instant messaging, e‑mail, blogging, family safety, and more

Microsoft today announced the public availability of the new Windows Live Essentials beta – providing a free suite of services that makes it simple for consumers to create and share polished photos and movies, organize email and stay in touch with their closest friends.

Consumers can now get more out of what they are already doing online to improve everyday task with the new Windows Live Essentials beta. More and more PC users today are shifting towards the cloud, whereby they use the internet as platform to store and access their information and services. The new Windows Live Essentials beta brings the best of the cloud and the PC together.

“We are excited about how the new Windows Live Essentials beta services complement the Windows 7 experience and bring together the power of the PC and cloud for Windows customers across the globe” said Haresh Khoobchandani, Senior Director, Business and Marketing Organisation, Microsoft Singapore

The Windows Live Essentials suite of services includes Photo Gallery, Movie maker, Sync, Messenger, Mail, Writer, Sync and Family Safety. Consumers can enjoy the following updates and new features including:

  • Windows Live Messenger: Enjoy richer and more meaningful conversations with HD video chat, as well as a new social experience for consumers to stay in touch with their closest friends.
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery: Features like Photo Fuse allows you to take the best parts of multiple photos and combine them into one “perfect” photo; or Facial Recognition, which allows Photo Gallery to automatically identify people in your photos based on past tags.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker: Simple, polished ways to share photos and video and new Auto Movie themes to add transitions, a title, captions, and a music soundtrack to your photos and videos in minutes. Movie Maker’s precision video and audio editing allows to you find the sweet spot of each video or audio clip in a snap.
  • Windows Live Sync: Sync folders across multiple PCs, and even Macs, without having to load your data repeatedly on many different platforms so you can work and play wherever you want.
  • Windows Live Mail: Includes productivity-focused features such as e-mail account aggregation – helping consumers manage multiple e-mail accounts, calendars, RSS feeds, contacts and newsgroups in one place. Other new features such as offline access, optional conversation threading and shared calendars help you make the best use of your time.

The new Windows Live Essentials beta is now available for download at and

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