Windows 8 Makes IT Department's Lives Easier

Windows 8 Makes IT Department's Lives Easier

This is great! According to Ars Technica, Windows 8 has more features that makes things easy for the IT department.

Two of these features are the "Refresh and Reset your PC" options. "Refresh your PC" does a reset of Windows, while keeping your user settings intact. "Reset your PC" lets you start all over again with a brand new operating system with nothing left behind. Useful for a huge number of scenarios, whether in enterprise, or not.

Another feature that Ars Technica chose to highlight extensively was the "Windows To Go" feature -- aimed squarely at enterprises.

This feature allows users to run Windows 8 off a thumb drive -- allowing for more robust security options. This lets contractors have easily controlled access to corporate networks, or employees to bring their work desktop home.

But the best feature that we're waiting for from Windows 8? Giving the IT Department no choice but to adopt it, and killing off Windows XP for good!

To read more, click here. (Via Ars Technica)

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