Windows 8 Intergral to Intel's Strategy

Windows 8 Integral to Intel's Strategy

According to PC World, Intel will be showing off how well Windows 8 will be running on Intel's new Atom processors, during the Intel Developer Forum and Microsoft's BUILD conference.

As the champion of Ultrabooks, Intel's foray into the mobile space, relies heavily on Windows 8, and how well received it will be on tablets. If Microsoft's new OS manages to grab significant market share, it will only mean good things for Intel.

However, ARM who already has a major presence in the tablet market, are also counting on Windows 8 to lead them into the PC market.

Microsoft has already announced that their new platform Windows 8 will be able to run off ARM based chips.

So in the end, both sides have to concede some share in their original strongholds, while gaining new ground in new markets.

Intel is counting on Ultrabooks being the next big thing at the moment, and will be sparing no expense in turning that to reality.

Whichever the fight goes however, we're terribly excited to see what Microsoft will be bringing to the table with Windows 8. Will it be a significant upgrade like Windows 7 was? Or will it simply be Windows 7 with big boxes, passing itself off as a tablet OS? 

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