Windows 8 Consumer Preview Being Gobbled Up Like Hotcakes

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Being Gobbled Up Like Hotcakes

Microsoft's twitter feed has just let it be known that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been downloaded a million times in just a day. Which means that someone was downloading the trial version of Microsoft's new OS every 11 seconds approximately.

Having given it a cursory and brief look through ourselves, we have a few thoughts to share. Gone is the start button which has been replaced by a Start Menu and hot corners. The switch is slightly disconcerting as users will have to rewire about a decade's worth of their experience with Windows.

In our opinion, the Metro interface is slick and well executed. With its sharp delineated edges it is a nice departure from the rounded corners used in design and interface by a certain fruity competitor.

At present all features on the Consumer Preview for Windows 8 are meant to serve as proof of concept. The trail run of this beta and the feedback from the users will have bearing on the final decisions made my Microsoft. You can go over to this website in order to try out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview for yourself.

Source: Building Windows 8 and Arstechnica 

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