Windows 8 is About Tablets, Yet Still About PCs

Windows 8 is About Tablets, Yet Still About PCs

Recently, Microsoft showed the world in greater detail what their latest operating system -- codenamed Windows 8 -- will look like, and how it works.

From the reports that are swirling around the web, there is one thing we can be sure of. Windows 8 is extremely versatile.

The gist of it is that Windows 8 is built to work in multiple environments. It will be at home on a tablet, a laptop or a desktop.

When on a tablet, the Metro UI will play a much bigger part in terms of user experience. Windows 8 also accepts fingers, stylii, mice and keyboards.

There's also an app store where users can download programs, just like Apple's app store.

Mashable also stated that everything will be faster, and that includes start-up, shutdown times, launching of apps and so on.

It also uses a smaller footprint that even Windows 7, allowing it to be used on any machine that can handle Vista.

To read more, click here (Via Mashable, Via Ars Technica, Via PCWorld)

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