Windows 7 SP1 Possible in Early Second Half

Windows 7 SP1 Possible in Early Second Half

While everyone is getting all excited with the upcoming (rumored) Apple tablet announcement on 27th Jan, Microsoft is also possibly cooking up something. Albeit coming much later, word is that the Windows 7 operating system (which garnered many positive comments, including us) might be receiving a service pack 1 update by the early second half of this year. Update details are still scarce, but support for the new high speed USB 3.0 standard should be found within.

Download Squad - Word on the street is that Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 7 Service Pack 1. And while that's just a rumor for now, I'd be kind of surprised if it wasn't true. After all, Microsoft has a long history of putting out service packs that bundle together all of the incremental updates for each of its operating systems. Usually a service pack also includes a few new features.

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