Wikipedia Fundraising Efforts End at US$20 million

Wikipedia Fundraising Efforts End at US$20 million

The observant among us may have already noticed that the banners, spouting appeals from various people connected with Wikipedia, have disappeared. Wikimedia has concluded their current round of fundraising after reaching their target, apparently the non-profit organization that is tasked with running and maintaining the online encyclopedia raised a total of US$20 million. 

The money will be used to improve Wikipedia by installing and operating more servers. New site features, with a focus on improving the experience for mobile users, are also thought to be in the pipelines. 

Large sizes and the prominent placement of the fundraising banners did cause a certain section of the internet community to be peeved. In fact the exact location of the banner lead to quite a few creative screenshots such as this and this and this. But in general, the team at Wikipedia should be quite happy with the results at the end of the day.

While the implementation of the banner might not have been perfect, the fact that Wikipedia is one of the top five most visited sites and operates entirely on donations might have played a large part in softening hearts and loosening purse strings. One of the programmers at Wikipedia, Brandon Harris even did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) during the fundraising cycle to help the internet community understand the site's stance on matters. We hope the money they raised will be put to good use.

Source: Wikimedia Foundation via Venture Beat

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