White Galaxy Nexus Heading to UK Next Month

White Galaxy Nexus Heading to UK Next Month

For some reason, the color white tend to revive consumer interest in existing devices. It's not surprising to see a white variant of a smartphone hitting the shelves a few months after the release of the more subdued black/grey version. Major manufacturers have done so with popular handsets like the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S II (also check pink version here). In Samsung's case, the decision to whitewash the Galaxy S II saw some success: 850,000 white units were sold in South Korea itself. The Google's Nexus devices typically don't come in other colors but with Samsung's track record, anything otherwise is unexpected - the white Galaxy Nexus will be making an appearance in UK in early February.

BGR - According to Clove and MobileFun, two UK retailers, a white variant of the Galaxy Nexus should arrive in early February. The internals are exactly the same as its gray counterpart and pricing shouldn’t be different either.

With the Galaxy Nexus only hitting our island in February, it is highly likely that the white version might not make an appearance until April or May. If it does, that is.

Update: As of now, Samsung is tight-lipped on whether the white version will eventually be available in Singapore. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Phandroid via BGR

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