Where in the World is Bill Gates?

Where in the World is Bill Gates?

Whatever happened to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates after he stepped away from active duties at Microsoft?

Turns out he's been busy saving the world.

CNN has caught up with Gates and checked in on what occupies him today.

Gates is busy with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which fights scourges like malaria, rotovirus, and HIV/AIDS. But he also is evolving into something of a techno-activist, using his money and his clout and his celebrated smarts to help accelerate innovation in a wide array of fields from agriculture, to banking, to education, to sanitation, to carbon-free energy sources and geo-engineering techniques that could reverse global warming. He recently started a personal website called that catalogs his many activities and interests, and offers up his opinions on innovations and issues of the day. And you can read his tweets on Twitter at

Catch the article on Gates' very full life after Microsoft at CNN. And if you're a fan, you might want to check out the TED Talks he's given in the last two years, one in 2010 on creating energy sources with zero carbon emissions, and the other in 2009 on malaria.


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