What Will Apple Reveal on 4th October?

What Will Apple Reveal on 4th October?

Here's the big question that you've been waiting for: what will Apple reveal on 4th October?

According to All Things D, sources familiar with the situation have identified when the Cupertino-based company will be holding a major event. The most likely speculation? The unveiling of Apple's next iteration of the iPhone.

While numerous leaks have revealed the possibility of not one, but two iPhones, the focus will fall on Tim Cook and his first product unveiling as Apple's newly installed CEO. Cook will be filling the shoes of his predecessor Steve Jobs, known for his charisma and showmanship during Apple's major announcements.

However, do take this with a pinch of salt. Earlier rumors have pinpointed the new iPhone to be launched sometime in September. While we are still two weeks shy from the end of the month, this new development will lend more weight to our earlier report of a Singapore launch sometime during end October, possibly 28th October according to our sources.

So, cross your fingers, hope for the best, and start the countdown to October 4th. Meanwhile, here's a quick refresher on what you can expect from iOS 5.

Source: All Things D

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