This is What a Tweet Really Looks Like

This is What a Tweet Really Looks Like

The layman knows a Tweet as a short post consisting of no more than 140 characters. To developers working on the Twitter platform, however, a Tweet contains far more information. It contains stuff like the user's account creation date, number of followers, preferred language, and even location and timezone.

ReadWriteWeb - Think a tweet is just 140 characters of text? Think again. To developers building tools on top of the Twitter platform, they know tweets contain far more information than just whatever brief, passing thought you felt the urge to share with your friends via the microblogging network. A tweet is filled with metadata - information about when it was sent, by who, using what Twitter application and so on.

Now, thanks to Raffi Krikorian, a developer on Twitter's API/Platform team, you can see what a tweet looks like, in all its data-rich detail.

To see what a Tweet is really made up of, click here.

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