What if Mozilla Made a Phone

What if Mozilla Made a Phone

Concept phones have always looked great, and show a lot of promise when it comes to features. Alas, its status is mostly stagnant, never seeing the light of day as a real device. The Mozilla Labs' Concept Series did just that, showcasing what is dubbed as the Seabird, a phone that will supposedly be powered by Google's Android, but comes with some nifty features. This includes a removable Bluetooth dongle that lets you operate the phone, and two side pico projectors that projects a QWERTY keyboard for messaging purposes.

Gizmodo - The Seabird is a design created for the Mozilla Labs' Concept Series by a fellow named Billy May. It's basically a community-driven exploration of how an Open Web phone might look. The design involves an Android-based operating system, "an 8 megapixel camera, dual side pico projectors, wireless charging, and an embedded Bluetooth dongle,"

And yes, like we've said, this is only a concept, hence you won't see Mozilla making a concerted effort to produce the said phone. But we are crossing our fingers for a big phone company to take notice and adopt this design concept into their new lineup. Check out more images of the Mozilla Seabird concept phone over here.

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