Western Digital Partially Restores HDD Production

Western Digital Partially Restores HDD Production

A Western Digital facility previously shut down due to the Thailand floods has partially restored production.

A week ahead of its scheduled production date, WD is also expected to begin head-slider production as well as production at a new slider-fabrication facility in Penang, Malaysia, around March 2012.

Pumping works are still on-going at other facilities at Navanakorn. These works will be done within 10 days, then decontamination and refurbishing will take place.

WD hard drive shipments in the December quarter will be at about 120 million units, including units that were in inventory at the beginning of the quarter, while demands for the same quarter is within the range of 170 to 180 million units. It also foresees that significant industry supply constraints will continue in the March quarter and beyond.

Source: ZDNet via CNET

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