Walton Chaintech Launches APOGEE MP2000 LED Mini Projector

Walton Chaintech Launches APOGEE MP2000 LED Mini Projector


7 October 2010, Taipei, Taiwan – Walton Chaintech Corporation, manufacturer of memory modules and computer components and accessories, today announces its very first LED mini projector - APOGΣΣ MP2000 to demonstrate its dedications in offering the full-range consumer products as well as its ambitions in marching into the global display market.

The APOGΣΣ MP2000 LED mini projector features only 135x130x48mm in size and 0.9kg in weight – so slim and light perfectly for the business travelers and professional users. Walton Chaintech's APOGΣΣ MP2000 adopts the DLP and BrilliantColor technologies from Texas Instruments (TI), delivering 100lm brightness with 858×600 resolution for an ultimate display quality. With the embedded LED lighting, this mini projector can offer a high screen contrast ratio of 2000:1. Moreover, with the low voltage generated from the LED light bulbs, the APOGΣΣ MP2000 is an ideal projector to prevent power and heat waste.

As for the projection distance, Walton Chaintech's APOGΣΣ MP2000 projects a range from minimum 50cm to maximum 5m, suitable for both business presentation or home entertainment projection with enough space flexibility. Furthermore, the APOGΣΣ MP2000 offers a connector for the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), in addition to the common SD, USB and VGA. Users will also be able to enjoy high-quality video and gaming effects with this mini projector even from home. Incorporating all the features of size, design, specs, and mostly reasonable price, Walton Chaintech's APOGΣΣ MP2000 LED mini projector is expected to create a new wave for the displaying market. For those business professionals who are looking for both price and quality, the APOGΣΣ MP2000 is an absolute choice.

The very first Walton Chaintech APOGΣΣ MP2000 LED mini projector is already available in market at a suggested retail price of US$350. To learn more about the Walton Chaintech Corporation and its products, please visit the website:


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