Volume Bug on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Software-Related

Volume Bug on Samsung Galaxy Nexus Software-Related

Remember the mysterious volume bug that was reportedly found on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Thankfully the issue gained attention at Google's bug tracker site for Android and prompted Google to release an official statement - yes, they have developed a software fix for the issue and will be updating the devices as soon as possible. No confirmation as to when this will be rolled out yet, but here's more information about what triggered the problem.

Android Police - There's been quite a stir caused in the past few days about a mysterious volume bug It was quickly discovered that the issue seemed to have something to do with the use of 2G signal, specifically the use of a 900 MHz frequency used by many European carriers. The bug could also be replicated using other phones situated near the Galaxy Nexus, leading to concerns that perhaps the bug was hardware-related.

To get a clearer picture of what's the software bug does, here's a short video of it in progress:


Android Police - Dan Morrill, a noted Android engineer, has not only confirmed once and for all that the volume bug can be fixed by a software update and stock will not start rolling again until the volume issue is resolved. Samsung also acknowledged the issue on Twitter, echoing Google's statement verbatim.

Source: Android Police via AndroidGuys

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