Video of Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked?

Video of Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked?

First, we had screenshots of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS running on the Nexus S. Next came the announcement that the "fabled" OS will arrive in October or November. The constant reminder that the Ice Cream Sandwich OS is fast hitting the shores of the mobile scene is best seen in an allegedly and newly leaked 2-minute video walkthrough on the upcoming OS. The story behind the leak might sound a little far-fetched (lucky buyer purchases a Nexus S over Ebay only to find out that it is running on Ice Cream Sandwich), but we say tuck those reservations out of sight for now and watch the video below:

Off the bat, we noticed a different lock screen design, one that is actually pretty similar to HTC Sense as it allows the user to access the camera app straight from the lock screen. Various features like the UI for the camera app and notification bar look different from what we see on previous and current OS iterations. Important to note is the obvious Honeycomb influences, especially seen in the stylized multi-tasking menu.

GSMArena - One look at the UI and we can see it matches what we have already seen of it. The homescreen now has four icons at the bottom next to the application drawer button, the folder function seems to have had a makeover, there's a new look notification screen and an application drawer that looks straight out of Honeycomb as does the new task manager with large thumbnail images of the running apps.

We can't say for sure that this is one hundred percent legit, but we do give it credit for being extremely elaborate and pretty authentic-looking even if it turns out to be a custom ROM. With that said, we will know soon enough.

Sources: Engadget, GSMArena

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