Video and Images of Nokia Windows Phone 7 Device Leaked

Video and Images of Nokia Windows Phone 7 Device Leaked

At CommunicAsia 2011, Nokia's brought its long-awaited MeeGo device to the annual event, keeping to its promise of at least one MeeGo device in 2011. Given how the company has stated that the first Windows Phone 7 device won't be shipping in volume till 2012, we weren't expecting to see that particular device at CommunicAsia 2011. However, just a few days after, images and a video of Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop demonstrating what the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device looks like has been leaked on the web. - The device itself is nearly identical to the just announced N9. Some difference, we can see: different LED placement on the back (but the same 8 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens) and a hardware button for the camera on the right.

Details of the hardware behind this alleged Nokia Windows Phone 7 device is scarce, though what we can see is that it resembles the Nokia N9 that was just announced. A few changes have been made, such as a different placement for its LED flash, and an additional hardware button on the side. Ultimately, though Nokia wished to follow Apple's secrecy style, the company did not manage to keep a tight lid on its upcoming Windows Phone 7 phone.

To check out the full video of the Nokia Windows Phone 7 device, click here.

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