USB 3.0 Could Be Coming to Macs

USB 3.0 Could Be Coming to Macs

USB 3.0 has been with us for awhile (2009) now, and today, we've seen it in almost every high-end laptop that ended up with us. However there is a very peculiar, yet not-very-surprising exclusion to this not-so-private USB 3.0 party.

We're pretty sure eagle-eyed readers would already know who we're talking about. That's right folks -- Apple. Always late to the party, but always arriving in style.

According to reports from PC World, whose sources say that Apple may be considering putting USB 3.0 ports in their future line-up of Macs.

Apple's current data transfer darling is ThunderBolt, which is faster, but because of it's controller chip, more expensive to produce and implement. USB 3.0 is also backward compatible, allowing it to accept the millions and billions of peripherals out there.

So our question is, why isn't Apple already using this format? Introduction of USB 3.0 compatible devices is already picking up momentum, and are coming into the market fast.

Most people are already getting sick of USB 2.0 because with the introduction of HD formats, file sizes are getting ridiculously big. We just want something faster to transfer their photos and movies around, but might not be willing to spend on ThunderBolt supported devices.

Heck we've even seen the Sony Vaio Z combine the two into one port, so we know for sure it's not technically impossible. So... why is Apple only looking into it now?

On second thoughts, we don't particularly care for the answer, which is probably an economical one. What we do care is that we want USB 3.0 in Macs-to-come as soon as possible.

To read more about it, click here (Via PC World)

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