Universal Music Sues Grooveshark, Spotify Plans for the Future

Universal Music Sues Grooveshark, Spotify Plans for the Future

Not happy with just trying to get SOPA promulgated as a law, Universal Music Group is also suing the popular music streaming site Grooveshark, for more than 100,000 illegal uploads. They have even gone as far as pointing the finger at Grooveshark CEO Samuel Tarantino as having uploaded 1,791 songs without permission.

If the lawsuit is successful, UMG will be walking away with US$150,000 for every infringement. How they came to that number and decided it was fair is unclear.

Grooveshark is no stranger to being accused of copyright infringement and has even had its Android app pulled by Google over similar concerns. For now, the company has refused to comment until they have thoroughly pored over Universal Music's complaints.

In the mean time Spotify, one of Grooveshark's major competitors, is gearing up for an announcement at the end of November. While the company is vague and non-committal about what will be unveiled, rumors suggest that Spotify will be introducing a new MP3 store with high levels of Facebook integration and maybe even usage of Facebook credits for payment.

If the speculation is true, that means iTunes will have two new competitors in the form of Google Music and Spotify trying to steal its market share. Competition of that sort can only be good for the consumer. However, unless Spotify and Google Music extend their services to Singapore, we will be rooting for Grooveshark to overcome its troubles and continue operations worldwide.

Source: CNET and Venture Beat (via Tech Land)

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