Uncovered: Intel's Mainstream Desktop Chipset Roadmap till Q3 2012

Uncovered: Intel's Desktop Chipset Roadmap From Present to Q3 2012

According to some marketing collaterals, we chanced upon a page that purportedly revealed Intel's desktop chipset roadmap from now till the third quarter of 2012. The Z68 series will be replaced by the Z77 and Z75 series chipset while the successor to the H67 will be H77. The timeframe for the revelation of these successors would be between March and April of next year.

According to leaked slides from ChipHell, the 7-series chipset is part of the Chief River and Maho Bay platforms that will be launched next year with the Ivy Bridge processors.

The Ivy Bridge processors will be manufactured using the 22nm fabrication process and will be socket compatible with current motherboards used for Sandy Bridge processors. The on-die graphics processor of the Ivy Bridge is said to support 4k video resolution as well as DirectX 11 to support all the latest games and their graphics rendering routines for better visual effects. From the details here, it looks like we are just approximately five months away from the launch of Ivy Bridge. Stay tuned as we uncover more details.

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