Ultrabooks Will Jumpstart "Retarded" PC Evolution

Ultrabooks Will Jumpstart "Retarded" PC Evolution

Recently at Dell World, Intel CEO Paul Otellini has openly declared his faith in PCs, and reinforcing the fact that Intel will be fully behind the push for Ultrabooks, reports PC World.

"Intel loves PCs," Otellini said at Dell World , although he added that PCs "are taken for granted to some extent because they are so useful." But Otellini also that "to some extent, the evolution of the PC has been retarded, I think in the last few years."

Ultrabooks are coming in fast and furious, but every Ultrabook that we've encountered thus far (like the Acer Aspire S3) seem to have a problem -- price. According to Intel, Ultrabooks are supposed to cost less than US$1000. Vendors have only been able to maintain that target price by reducing the SSD size, or opting out of an SSD altogether.

It seems that Intel's US$300 million Ultrabook fund hasn't lowered costs for manufacturers just yet, but Otellini is hopeful that the fund will help in reducing costs.

"Ultrathin today has an ultrahigh premium," Otellini said. The hope is that with the ultrabook fund, the price of the components will come down "much faster than we would have seen otherwise."

Otellini also expressed his belief in how crucial Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 will be in the success of Ultrabooks.

Source: PC World

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