UltraBooks an Intel Response to Apple Ultimatum

UltraBooks an Intel Response to Apple Ultimatum

Since Computex in May, we've seen a deluge of news regarding Intel's UltraBook category. We know what their intentions are with this line of high performance, low power-consumption machines. We've heard of the rumored fiberglass bodies that will keep the weight low while keeping the notebooks strong.

Now that we have an almost complete picture of Intel's heavily touted UltraBooks, one of the only missing pieces of information is "why?". Sure we know it's got something to do with the MacBook Air. But it supplies the processor that runs the MBA, so it can't be direct competition.

An article in Wall Street Journal (WSJ) suggests that Intel's main reason for creating this category was due to an ultimatum issued by the company that gave the world the exciting MacBook Air.

In the article, Greg Welch, director of Intel's UltraBook group said during an interview that Apple told Intel to lower the power consumption of its processors or they will take their business somewhere else.

Apple is already using processors from other companies for its very popular mobile products, the iPhone, and iPad.

The WSJ also reported that Intel is ready to spend US$300 million via Intel Capital, Intel's investment fund to further fuel the growth of technologies that directly benefit the growth of UltraBooks.

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