UK Police Arrests the Wrong Hacker?

UK Police Arrests The Wrong Hacker?


If you have been plugged in to the net in the slightest over the last few months you would have heard about the merry, little romp that LulzSec went on. A proactive, anarchic and virulent version of more popular online hacker communities, such as Anonymous, LulzSec's greatest hits include bringing down the CIA website. The group might now be defunct but the members are in all probability still operating online.

Anonymous has been keeping up its campaign recently by attacking PayPal and urging users to stop using the service. But its seems like the UK Metropolitan police made a serious breakthrough in stopping such "cyber-terrorism" by apprehending an 18 year old in the Shetland Islands. This person is rumored to be Topiary, an important member of both LulzSec and AnonOps.

But the nature of the internet is such that it is extremely hard to pinpoint the exact identity of hackers. It turns out that Topiary might just be a 23 year old, Swedish male instead while the person in custody may just be someone who uses the same handle online. There is still no official confirmation on whether the Topiary that has been nabbed is actually going to be charged with any crimes in relation to LulzSec or Anonymous activities.

The police authorities just cannot seem to catch a break. And if the past track record of these hacker organizations is anything to go by, they better prepare for a backlash.


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