Ubuntu for Tablets and Smartphones?

Ubuntu for Tablets and Smartphones?

The fact that Ubuntu and other GNU-based operating systems have always welcomed community input has always been the defining characteristic of Linux. Proof of how much Ubuntu values its users is being demonstrated now, with the biannual Ubuntu Developer Summit underway. The event is a chance for the community, developers and engineers to sit together and plan the future direction for the OS.

Having recently released Oneiric Ocelot Version 11.10, talks about Version 12.04 are already in swing.  Hopefully they are hard at work wracking their brains on what the best possible upgrade for the Unity shell would be. But what excites us the most is the news that there might be talk of bringing Ubuntu to tablets and smartphones. The Unity shell already has preliminary touch control functionality and looks like it was designed for the new portable devices.

Having dabbled around with the Linux operating systems a fair bit, we are really looking forward to how this pans out. Not only is Ubuntu extremely lean as an operating system, but it is also highly modular. Boot times are supremely short and if you ask us, the OS seems like a natural fit for these hand-held gadgets. Seeing that you can even run modified versions of Ubuntu on devices such as 4th generation iPods, imagine what could be done with tablets and smartphones which have more processing power.

For now, details are short on when and who will be collaborating on an Ubuntu tablet or smartphone. But Apple, Google and Windows would do well to heed the potential entrance of a new competitor.

Source: ZDNet (via Ars Technica)

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