Ubuntu Moves to Google Nexus One

Ubuntu Moves to Google Nexus One

For the general mobile user, you'll probably be content with using your smartphone as it is, whether it's running on the iOS 4 or Google Android. But for some enthusiasts, it's about proving that you can do more than just that with your phone. Modders have shown that you can port Android onto an iPhone, and now it's the Google Nexus One's turn. No, not iOS 4 on the Nexus One, but the open-source Ubuntu.

Engadget - Contrary to popular belief, the world will in fact not end, and in many cases, lives could very well be improved. One particular modder over at Nexus One Hacks has managed to put together a video how-to demonstrating the installation of Ubuntu as a secondary OS on his rooted N1..

Does the Ubuntu platform enhance the usability of the Nexus One? We can't say for sure, but honestly speaking, we'd prefer to keep Froyo intact on the Nexus One, and hopefully, see Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) on it too. Still, if you want to get the instructions on installing Ubuntu onto your Nexus One, check out the video here.

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