Ubuntu Helps Bring Out the PC in Every Dual-Core Smartphone [Updated with Video]

Ubuntu Helps Bring Out the PC in Every Dual-Core Smartphone [Updated with Video]

Update: We managed to get a short video demonstration of Ubuntu for Android while combing the floors of MWC 2012. The Linux software is said to be available in the later part of the year, with no specific date announced as of now. Enjoy the short clip below:

The smartphone processor race should be heating up as Canonical just added fuel to the fire. They have just announced a new product titled Ubuntu for Android. The concept is similar to the Motorola Atrix, a smartphone that can be docked into a notebook.

With Ubuntu for Android, Linux software will be installed on your smartphone to run in tandem with the Android OS. After docking, you will be able to glean full desktop functionality via the peripherals. The software will be coming with a number of programs including Chromium Web browser, Thunderbird e-mail client,  Gwibber social networking program and VLC video player. One glance at the line-up shows that these should suffice for regular everyday PC use.

Obviously, the new software works best with devices running on dual-core ARM processors. And as we wait for the arrival of smartphones equipped with quad-core processors, the utility of such conversion devices will become even more attractive. The more processing power your smartphone has, the quicker your dock PC runs. Ubuntu for Android will be showcased at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2012.

Source: Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth via Arstechnica

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