Ubuntu Contemplates Adopting Monthly Release Cycle

Ubuntu Contemplates Adopting Monthly Release Cycle

A hodge podge of Linux based operating systems litter the internet, but Ubuntu has always stood above the rest due to its dedication to the cause. Always working and meeting deadlines and release schedules, Ubuntu is known to be a solid OS with excellent support for its products.

Which is why the news that Technical Board director Scott James Remnant is proposing a theoretical one month release cycle for Ubuntu should be taken notice of. As it stands right now, major operating systems take their own sweet time to appear on the market. Ubuntu already follows a six month release cycle, with new versions of their products being released in April and October. But with the proposed one month release cycle they hope to have a stable, updated and upgraded version out every month.

The new timeline will definitely mean up to date software but we wonder whether users will eventually tire of having to upgrade their operating systems on such a consistent basis. Plus with monthly upgrades, how will the home-brew community keep up with their development efforts seeing that the underlying source has now essentially become a moving target?

Since the new ideas are only in the germination stage at present, hopefully these concerns are addressed if and when it comes to fruition.




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