UBeam Charges Devices Wirelessly via Ultrasound

uBeam Charges Devices Wirelessly via Ultrasound

Companies such as Powermat have introduced wireless charging, albeit it still requires one to have the device physically touching the charging station to receive power. During the D9 conference, a company by the name of UBeam has demonstrated the future of wireless charging, which utilizes ultrasound energy emitted from its charging station that's attached to a power outlet, which is then received by a transducer attached to a device and converted to energy.

All Things Digital - Technology gives us miraculous smartphones, tablets and other wondergadgets, but none of them will do a thing if they don’t have an electric charge to power them. UBeam wants to tackle that problem in a novel way: It says it will let gadget owners power up their devices over the air, without ever plugging into an electric charger or any kind of docking station.

An apt analogy here, would be to think of UBeam as Wi-Fi for energy. What was shown at the D9 conference was only a proof of concept, but should the company receive sufficient funding, we might see an actual roll-out of these wireless charging devices in the near future.

Check out a video demonstration of the ultrasound wireless charger over here.

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