Twitter Acquires Posterous

Twitter Acquires Posterous

When Twitter first popped up on the scene many considered it to be a passing fad. Almost six years later, the service is still going strong. And along the way they have made some smart decisions, such as buying out third party client Tweetdeck for smartphones, to keep growing. Now they have also acquired the blogging service Posterous.

Posterous, is a light weight blogging platform that allows users to email their posts in. For now Twitter's rationale behind purchasing Posterous is unknown. Do they want to incorporate the email system into their own micro-blogging service? Have they got Tumblr in their sights?

One thing is for certain, the take-over of Posterous is going to place new technology and talent in Twitter's hands. Posterous continues to function as per normal for now. 

Source: Twitter and Posterous via Arstechnica

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