Twilight Fans Targeted by Hackers

Twilight Fans Targeted by Hackers

Twilight fans, be cautious. Hackers have taken advantage of the growing interest in anything Twilight-related due to the upcoming movie that's due to be released soon.

Twilight-related searches containing malware have popped up all around the net. The usual suspects includes dubious search terms such as “Nude pictures of Taylor Lautner,” “Robert and Kristin kissing” and “Twilight true love” will return results with malicious links, most of which will infect PCs, tablets or smartphones with viruses or keyloggers.

The Twilight Saga and its popularity amongst internet users makes it a prime target for hackers to target unsuspecting fans. On the other hand, we are more inclined to believe that even hackers hate the Twilight saga series and inject spam and malware-infected links on the internet with every new Twilight movie release.

With the first part of the concluding Twilight Saga hitting cinemas soon, security experts expect to see even more malware and spam-infected search results as the excitement over the new movie builds up.

Source: Mashable

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