Twelve iPods Synchronized as One Screen

Twelve iPods Synchronized as One Screen

Sometimes, we do things just because we can. And for the people at Mongoose Studio proved that you can combine twelve iPod touches to synchronize and display a movie. High cool factor? We think so, and it's quite evident in the video below:

Engadget - Most of us would be happy to get video to play on a single video to play on our PMP without having to run it through some sort of transcoder first, but the folks at Mongoose Studio needed something more complex. They've released a video of a project that's been in the works for some time, clustering 12 iPod touches into a sort of bezel-riffic widescreen display. All are controlled by a master, 13th iPod that can cause them to display a clock in the interest of verifying synchronization (which is far from perfect, as you'll see in the embed below), or to trigger the playing of a movie.

But to be pragmatic about it, the amount of money you spend on these iPods could have been better used to purchase a larger and better full HDTV. But if you do have a bunch of friends with iPods touches, maybe, just maybe, you might want to emulate this feat if it's available. Check out the full story over here.

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