Tweets Revealed Positive Sentiments on Windows 8

Tweets Revealed Positive Sentiments on Windows 8


Mashwork did an analysis of Twitter conversations between June 15 and September 22, and reported that Microsoft Windows 8 received overwhelming positive feedback.

According to BGR, the majority of Windows 8 tweets came from developers, tech enthusiasts and early adopters. 15% of the 65,968 tweets on Windows 8 were on people's initial feelings towards the new operating system. While 20% of the people expressed their skepticism, 47% tweeted their excitement on Windows 8.

There were also 10,508 and 7,303 tweets comparing Windows 8 to Apple iOS and Google Android respectively. The bulk of the responses was in favor of Windows 8. 63% felt that Windows 8 is better than iOS while almost all the 7,303 tweets preferred Windows 8 over Android.

Our initial impressions after using the Windows 8 beta version were also positive and it seems that Microsoft has had a good start with Windows 8. Given the strong optimism over Windows 8, we are eager to see how Windows 8-powered tablets fare against the Apple iPads and Android Honeycomb tablets in the near future.

Source: BGR

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