Tumblr Rolls Out Improved Facebook Integration

Tumblr Rolls Out Better Facebook Integration

The social media stratosphere is a strange place. All the major players are locked in mortal combat with each other to retain users for as long as possible. And the only way to accomplish this it seems is to allow users better integration options between all possible platforms. Sounds counter intuitive does it not?

Tumblr has announced new features for its site that will help provide more integration with Facebook. Content and posts from Tumblr will now be more prominently featured on both the News Feed and Timeline, which is soon going to become mandatory for all. You will also be able to share your likes and replies across the two platforms.

However, it seems that Tumblr isn't getting the complete Open Graph treatment that other online sites, such as The Guardian, have benefited immensely from. There will be no sharing of Tumblr posts you have read. In other words, your shameful LOL Cat addiction can remain under wraps - for now.

Source: Tumblr via The Next Web

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