Trend Micro Predicts Malicious Trojans for Android Will Surpass 100,000 by End 2012

Trend Micro Predicts Malicious Trojans for Android Will Surpass 100,000 by End 2012

We all know that the Android OS’ rise to prominence was most apparent this year, 2011. With a surge of users adopting tablets and smartphones based on this OS, inevitably, it also greatly increases the risk of security breaches.

According to Trend Micro, 2011 has been coined as the "Year of Breaches", and if these malicious Trojan attacks maintain their growth rate, we could be seeing up to 100,000 attacks by December 2012.

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SINGAPORE - Trend Micro shared its round-up for the year and gave its predictions for 2012. In a webcast hosted by Trend Micro, Raimund Genes, Trend Micro’s Chief Technology Officer coined 2011 as the “Year of Breaches,” in line with the high profile data breaches in government, commercial, and technology industries.

As we move into 2012, Genes predicts the mobile platform to take center stage—in both attacks, and the development of security measures, given Android’s fast rise in becoming the dominant operating system in 2011 (jumping from a 25% market share in 2010 to a 56% market share in 2011). Given the growth rate of new Android malware samples TrendLabs has received to date, Genes predicts to see more than 100,000 malicious Trojans for Android by December 2012 should the said growth rate continue.

Mobile threats are in addition to the risks around data breaches characterized by the large acceptance of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend as well as the proliferation of APTs, or advanced persistent threats, which Genes predicts will be more targeted, and will increasingly threaten SMBs, who have higher risk in intellectual property security.

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