Toshiba's Glasses-Free 3DTVs Off To A Slow Start

Toshiba's Glasses-Free 3DTVs Off To A Slow Start

Smallish screens and hefty price tags won't encourage sales figures, a reality which Toshiba is facing now. Since its launch a month ago, Toshiba only managed to sell 500 units of their glasses-free REGZA GL1 3D HDTVs, priced at US$2,490 a pop, while its smaller 12-inch sibling did not even meet the 500 mark.

Electronista - Toshiba has sold about half of what it expected to of its glasses-free 3D TVs in Japan, said Masaaki Osumi, the president of Toshiba’s Visual Products Company. Only 500 of the 20-inch, $2,490 set were sold in the first month and even less of the less expensive 12-inch model. Toshiba expected to move 1,000 of each model during their first month of sales.

Perhaps larger display sizes might turn the tide for Toshiba? That won't happen anytime soon though, since the Japanese firm is unable to commit to bigger screens till the second quarter of the year rolls around. Hit the jump to find out more.  

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