Toshiba's 84-inch Quad Full-HD TV Revealed at IFA 2012

Toshiba's 84-inch Quad Full-HD TV Revealed at IFA 2012

It appears that Toshiba is keen to ramp up its collection of Ultra High-Definition television (UHDTV) sets.

Spotted at IFA 2012 recently is the 84-inch Quad Full-HD TV, endowed with a 4K-resolution screen much like its smaller 55-inch RZ1 sibling unveiled sometime in May.

According to the folks over at HDTVtest, the UHDTV's performance was impressive, and the 84-inch mammoth actually boasts of a sleeker housing compared to Sony's 4K-capable 84-inch KD-84X9005 model slated to arrive on retail shelves just before Christmas. They also claim that Toshiba's UHD set has a shorter optimal viewing distance, as opposed to Full-HD televisions of a similar size.

However, given its 84-inch screen estate, viewers might want to position themselves at a distance where they can perceive the entire screen comfortably.  

Like most 4K displays, Toshiba's upcoming Quad Full-HD TV's is also equipped with a video processor which supports upscaling of HD content, including Blu-ray discs, to suit its native UHD resolution as well as to increase overall sharpness and depth of onscreen images.

Similar to the smaller WL968 model (also unveiled during IFA), Toshiba's 84-inch 4K fixture will be touting passive 3D features instead of the active-shutter kind. The TV's native UHD resolution also implies that viewers will get to enjoy all 1080 horizontal lines of pixels for each eye when viewed in 3D mode. 

Pricing is yet unknown, but judging by Sony's estimated €25,000 (that's about S$39,222) shelf-tag for the Bravia X9005, Toshiba's 84-inch Quad monster is likely to cost you an arm and a leg too.  

Source: HDTVtest

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