Toshiba Waterproof Tablet Charged Wirelessly in Water

Toshiba Waterproof Tablet Charged Wirelessly in Water

Concept products are commonly found at CES 2012, and Toshiba just brought out a whole bunch of it, including an underwater tablet. But that's not all. The concept product was also shown with a wireless charging system.

According to Toshiba, the tablet utilizes magnetic resonance via a base charging unit. However, the distance between the base and the tablet needs to be no more than 3 to 4cm. It's highly unlikely that you'll place the tablet far from the base unit, unlike the above demonstration where the base is placed outside of the tank while the tablet remains underneath.

The concept is interesting, but when it comes to actual usage, we figure you won't need to leave the tablet underwater and charge it at the same time. Chances are, the two functions will be done separately in your daily usage. But it's undeniable that having a waterproof tablet will open more opportunities to use the tablet at outdoor locations, while the wireless charging option will tremendously reduce wire clutter.

Toshiba didn't mention if this concept will be realized in the near future, but the company would like to believe that this is something that will be viable in the next three to five years.

Besides the underwater tablet with wireless charging, Toshiba also showcased prototype tablets that range from a massive 13.3-inch to a much more compact 5.1-inch size. To be honest, the 13.3-inch tablet might be too huge, but we figure it will still appeal to the crowd. While the 13.3-inch, 10.1-inch and 7.7-inch tablets are prototype editions on display, they will hit retail sometime later in the year. The 5.1-inch edition however, has no further plans yet.

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